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Hudson Valley, New York

Caroline Abels

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A More Humane Way to Wean Farm Animals

Young calves and their mothers don't have to endure significant stress during the weaning process.
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A Look Inside Group Sow Housing, the Pork Industry’s Alternative to Gestation Crates

What is replacing gestation crates? At one massive pig farm, it's ESF's -- electronic sow feeders.
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Our Meat, Made Visible

The new Vermont Packinghouse allows visitors to observe how animals become food.
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Communal Meat Lockers Could Help Farms Scale Up

Look no further than the local food movement to find history repeating itself.
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Pastured Poultry in Aisle 9

If you love local chicken, you might look upon these small slaughterhouses as shrines.
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Editor's Note: Spring 2016

Farming may be the profession that requires the most knowledge of the most topics.
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Counting Their Chickens

Misty Knoll offers a middle ground between factory-farmed chicken and the pasture-raised kind.
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Dairy farmers raise veal—with a conscience

In order to give bull calves a shot at a decent life, we may need to consume them.
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Caroline Abels

... is a freelance journalist focused on animal agriculture and humane farming. She founded the website to educate consumers about humanely raised meat. Until recently she was the longtime editor of Vermont's Local Banquet, a quarterly food & farming magazine.

A former reporter at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Carrie (as she is known to friends and editors alike) came of age in the grit of a big-city newsroom and aims to write articles & essays that are meticulously investigated, consistently honest, and viscerally felt.

Carrie lives in the Hudson Valley of New York, where she and her fiancé are in the process of establishing a sheep dairy.